Ordering a Cake with Us

Standard Occasion Cakes

Standard occasion cakes have a simple, yet traditional look, an inscription with a few flowers. Obviously they are less expensive then custom or tiered cakes & can be ordered less in advance. 

About Custom Cakes

We have a wide range of cakes that are available. We literally have made thousands & thousands of cakes through the years. Small & simple, gigantic & glamorous- everywhere in between. We have a large range of cakes to view.

A few things to know before selecting a cake. Generally speaking, tiered cakes, for a variety of reasons, are approximately double the cost of single layer cakes. Cakes that are on our website are generally less expensive then us recreating someone else's work.

We recommend you see our work first before you bring us a picture of a cake you'd like us to create.

Ordering a Custom or Specialty Cake

Before ordering a custom or specialty cake, please be sure to visit our cake gallery(s), Flickr, Facebook or Instagram pages first. Each cake on our site should have a caption for you to reference the cake. You can bring a photo of a cake that is not from our website, but we may not have some of the tools or availability to replicate the design.

Customized designs that are not from one of our galleries require a consultation fee. Prices are determined by the size, filling, and details of the design. This type of order should be placed at least a week in advance. These orders should be placed in person.